Ryan Harris resides in the Pacific Northwest spending time outdoors every chance he gets. He enjoys exploring the intricate relationship between humanity and the natural world. 

Using acrylics as his primary medium, he draws inspiration from the environment’s beauty and diversity. Infusing his works with psychedelic imagery, vibrant colors and intricate patterns, he strives to communicate the nuanced interplay between technology, human impact on the environment and the far-reaching consequences of our decisions. 

Ryan hopes each piece in its own way can serve as a poignant reminder of the interconnectedness of all living systems, urging us to consider our role on this planet.



Self Taught


-Selected Group Shows


"What A Strange Place This Is" (Gallery Ergo, Seattle)

"Gazing Into Infinity" (WowxWow, Virtual)


"Mushi Mushi" (Helvella Gallery, Oakland)

"A/B Test" Gallery Ergo (Seattle)

"Year Of The Rabbit" Modern Eden (San Francisco)

"Rainbows Are Visions II" Gallery Ergo (Seattle)

"Meow Brow" Gallery Ergo (Seattle)

"Higher Frequencies" WOWXWOW (Virtual)


"New Vangaurd III” (Keep Contemporary, Santa Fe)

“Small Works” (Beinart, Brunswick, AUS)

"Salut 7 Coaster Show" (Nucleus Gallery, Portland)

“Green Around The Gills” (Ergo Gallery, Seattle)

“Power In Numbers 7” (Nucleus Gallery, Los Angeles)

“Mushi Mushi” (Helvella Gallery, Oakland)


“Actual Size” (Modern Eden, San Francisco)

“Power In Numbers 6” (Nucleus Gallery, Los Angeles)


“Remastered II” (Faultline Gallery, Oakland)


“Hive Gallery Anniversary Show” (Hive Gallery, Los Angeles)

“Electric Sheep” (Statix Gallery, Seattle)

“Tarot Card” (Hive Gallery, Los Angeles)